Production of stands and racks

Each business is looking for ways to ensure excellent visibility of its brand. In addition to their purely advertising function, the stands and racks offered by Elestra are a great solution for your products’ stylish positioning. They are an effective way to attract the desired attention. Trust our professionalism – the stands and racks produced by Elestra feature impressive look, guaranteed quality and durability. 

Advertising stands and racks are an important part of the commercial and often office equipment of any modern trade business. You may trust Elestra in the creation of constructive and graphic design, as well as in the production of advertising racks for your store, company or commercial office.

What are branded stands and racks?

Like other advertising products, the advertising stand serves a representative advertising function for the brand. Stands and racks are usually positioned in retail stores, where the brand products are displayed. They are used at themed exhibitions to promote a certain type of products made by the company.

Advertising stands and racks display the product and the brand to the consumer, and their role in sales is significant.

The modern technological security and the variety of materials for the production of stands and racks, along with the possibilities for their branding, are able to present your brand and products in a particularly stylish way.

Why trust Elestra in the preparation of advertising stands and racks?

Elestra has solid experience in the production of product stands and racks made of cardboard, paperboard and corrugated cardboard.As a result of properly drafted constructions, selection of suitable materials, protective coatings and quality manufacturing, you get durable, attractive and easily portable products that fit perfectly in your store or office.

When manufactured the right way, advertising stands and racks will be an excellent solution for professional presentation of your products or those of your partners. Among other advertising methods, this is another reliable way to attract consumer attention in an effective way.

Elestra is here to help you choose the right advertising materials for your business, incl. production and branding of stands and racks of cardboard, paperboard or corrugated cardboard. Professionalism and quality performance on time are guaranteed!

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