Production of boxes and packaging

The individual box or packaging is crucial for the influence of a product on the end user. Boxes and packaging are the first advertising medium of the product, so their qualitative branding and manufacture is extremely important for any company.

Elestra offers professional constructive and graphic design, prepress and production of customized packaging of cardboard and corrugated cardboard. Our customers receive a guarantee for technologically optimized and robust products, combined with a modern vision that perfectly presents the product style and quality.

Cardboard boxes and packaging are everywhere

Boxes and packaging are part of every area of life. Most often they are made with individual design and size. Packaging materials have a particular effect on the performance of the product.

Boxes and packaging are present not only in the store, in the enterprise warehouses or public institutions, they are also at home. They usually help to store various items, and their impact is complex.

They have a long-term advertising impact

The advertising impact of boxes and packaging is not a one-time experience. Moreover, those with luxurious design and functionality can be so attractive to consumers as they are not discarded, but find a purpose, other than the initial.

Design and printing are important

Along with their advertising role, boxes and packaging have informational value and protective function. The packaging of a product communicates the first information to the customer, it largely depends on whether they will make a purchase or not.

A key moment in the production of boxes and packaging is their visual presentation and subsequent manufacturing. This is done by a team of experts who get familiar with the brand, and according to its goals and distinctive features create a modern design. It is especially important to choose the right materials, protective coatings and determine the appropriate manufacturing technologies that will ensure high quality and optimize production costs.

Our long-term experience in construction desing and manufacture of boxes and labels guarantee our customers technologically optimized, robust and functional packaging with optimized printing costs.

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